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  1. i found the use of ‘confetti’ interesting – it made this a celebration of the scattering dreams; if you’d chosen something like volcanic ash, this would have had a far more mournful tone which i more than half-expected after your use of ‘apologize’

    so singing, celebratory… seems the dreams are exposing the N to the light of day, stripping them of artifice, of unnatural expectations that lead to disappointment. at least, this is what i take from this beautiful piece which, coupled with that lovely image, seems quite a positive slant on things 😀

    1. I know – the title, it should point me in a less positive direction, sorrow at the loss of dreams but my feedback is to let you know what i saw. Maybe i’m a glass half-full person. x

  2. Yes, I felt the ache in this, that sense of regret which begins the day with a loss of some presence of self, a self often unencumbered by the weight of the self.
    There is a note of the positive, but I guess it depends on what song you may be singing 🙂

    Very much enjoyed.

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