how much a muse

I wonder if he reads invisibles
combs documents for things only sensed
extra spaces left careless before paragraph

breaks my own meticulous
after running my fingers through mist
smooth untangle hard to grasp gifts
laid out like linen for him lacking

does he translate as poorly
let fall finer for press of flesh
ordinary profane undone mundane

muse or does he hold space
flight for paper planes freeing light what
cannot be folded into words and my body
weightless if he breathes



Image Credits: Jacob W. Roberts

Ashley Nebelsieck

Ashley Nebelsieck was born in Hyannis, Massachusetts. Her credits include “The Backdoor to Enlightenment” (co-authored with Tibetan monk Za Rinpoche, Random House, 2008), and her work has been featured in Noble / Gas Quarterly, PoetryCircle's front page, Typishly, the Baltimore Review, the Association of Writers’ Pedagogy Papers, and others.

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One thought on “how much a muse

  • November 29, 2017 at 5:17 pm

    reading this leaves me a contented sigh

    that last line… oy :flowers:


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