1. Chamomile and Vinegar

You’re Earl Grey
sometimes with milk,
or black, spiced.
Last box, variety pack.
I’ll make a pot, fill 
the kitchen with the smell
of your best days. 

Your laptop, synthesizer,
the sixth time
you define a saw wave.

I wonder if you’ll 
ever finish
that fucking song?

Chamomile today,
with honey and a pinch
of brown sugar.

Watch you light a candle,
hide in the master bath
with a spoon,
the smell of your worst days.
Cobalt eyes all iris.


2. Moving Day

Shadow trapped
two paces behind me
keeping the peace
left worse
than it was found.

Spilled milk
on the counter
and cracked sheetrock,
isn’t a joke
or temporary,
or yours anymore.


3. Flattery and a Neon Moon

We sit and talk.

You lie,
I take the compliment,
act like you’re still here.

Blue eyes
over a bottleneck,

steel guitar moans
out of every jukebox
in every bar.

Mid-September, last year —
cool enough for my sweater
warm enough for your shorts.

Booth on the dark side
of neon
dividing that room.




Image Credits: David B. Gleason

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