Origin of snakes

Snakes were once stooped
old men who had a hard look.
Their wives picked them up,
shook out all their stiffness
and lay them down in long grass
to sluff their wrinkly skins.

Wise women see the serpent
in a man’s simple smile and the way
he slithers beneath bed sheets;
they feel the scales on his belly.

Wise men keep their slippery
forked tongues in their heads
and when their torsos coil
around their warm women
they hold back half their strength.



Image Credits: Art Gallery ErgsArt

David Belcher

David Belcher lives on the North coast of Wales in the UK. He works full time in a local restaurant and reads and writes poetry in his free time. David steps off the pavement and walks in the road when no one else is around in the early morning.

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One thought on “Origin of snakes

  • December 31, 2017 at 5:18 pm

    Narrative, imagery and metaphor are all pumping at high rpm in this one, David.


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