what to expect

no one mentions
having children
means no surplus
time or money
to escape and watch
a fucking movie
in whine-free, surround sound
on the big screen
enjoying someone else’s sticky floors
with your shoes on



Her Lips Were Red in Space

she loves
like lit stars
rides Saturn’s rings
knows Pluto’s heart
plumbs black holes
sprays cosmic dust
she makes
space weather love
the aliens are
there, they love
in the supernovae
and tetrahedra
collapsed stars
are where the
love we can’t see
goes to wait for
antimatter to be-
come matter
the broken parts
and the whole
of love you can’t
see live in the
eleventh dimension
she’s there, so are
you, we, with more
than two arms to
hold all the love



Three Haiku


World watches Harvey.
Trump arrives, claims camera:
“What a great turnout!”



In Greenland time burns,
peat smoke seen by satellite.
In Charlottesville, tikis.


The Silo

The silo holds firm
what is placed inside curved walls,
food or destruction.



Shopping for Godot

There are seventeen brands of water
on sale at Trader Joe’s and I’m thinking
Smart Water infused with
lavender essence, zero parts per billion,

because I want to be smart,
and lavender sounds like a Spring meadow—
lovers and their children,
being chased by bees

all the times I ran and how good
I got at running
at eating

grass-fed free-range
environmentally enlightened beef
with an e-Coupon
redeemable for negative karma

gluten free organic non-GMO Gala apples
each handcrafted by a wild
Arizona mustang’s bastard Kachina-child.

It’s such a relief to be healthy again.

My eyes stare Hubble-blue at you.
I’m four inches taller than Jesus.
My abs are six-pack pop-top aphrodisiacs.

You, with eight reasons to doubt me,
forget your list and
help me carry these heavy bags.