School Days

Muted muse surrenders to summer
San Francisco sun
God winks

“You are now promoted to
first grade. Go to the office
and die.”

Inner voices vie for nonexistent prize
while grey-haired mah-jong players
bam and crack.

All commands are the same

“There will be no talking
in the hall during noon
recess. All sinners must
stay after school.”

Are the blind capable of visions?
Are human sights totally denied?
Hangman’s noose shifts closer
Freedom burps noisy approval

“Blind men are blind by
choice. Sometimes lame
can walk and dumb can
talk and report cards
will be issued three times
a year. All failures will be
signed by your parents.”

Who signs the failures of being?
Where is the school for the
sighted blind, sturdy lame or
talkative dumb?

“Any instructions that are
not clear will be explained
by your home-room teacher.”



Image Credits: Lindsey Turner

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