The Blue Whale

my creative spirit
is a blue whale, I think

she swims in deep waters
but we breathe the same air

and, like other blue whales,
she has the loudest, strongest voice on earth

which is fortunate (thank the earth)
because if there is a second voice

she’s a howler monkey—
loud, too, and rather obnoxious

that’s perfection, the crank upstairs
I’ve tried to evict, but she just won’t leave

she runs a lighthouse
illuminating the goal but not the path

through dark, choppy waters
to where I aim but never land

always at sea

(thank the stars) my spirit is part whale and I can dwell among those who don’t reach

all the shining high lights
or the shores they seek

despite all that double-edged help from howler monkeys in lighthouses

(thank the sea)

I breathe just fine down here.


(“The Blue Whale” first appeared in Dear Damsels.)



Image Credits: Guilhem Vellut

Anna Kander

Anna Kander is a Pushcart Prize-nominated author in the Midwestern US. Her first poetry collection, SLIDE A MIRROR TO ME, was published by Transcendent Zero Press in 2017. Her poems and stories have also appeared in GRAVEL, ELLIPSIS, TRAIN, and other journals. Anna writes with her sidekick, a fearless blue fish who doesn't realize he's one inch tall. Find her at

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One thought on “The Blue Whale

  • January 30, 2018 at 6:17 am

    A magnificent read, I thoroughly enjoyed it, as I’ve long had a fascination with the magnificent blue whale! As you know, a sad history of slaughter and indifference brought them to the brink of extinction, but there is hope now — I very much loved this. Thanks for writing it, and thanks, Jump editors. So well done.


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