The Open Boat

“Shipwrecks are apropos of nothing.”

The open boat
has four men in it and me,
a stowaway,
sodden in the splashing tide
beneath their curled feet.

The shore is far away,
on the gray slate horizon.

“Funny  He don’t see us . . . “

We drift stunned and still
on the slow-rolling waves,
the surf like capsized clouds.

We will spill into the sea
like astonished ash.

“Funny  He don’t see us . . .  “

We will watch for the hand
that will reach down
through the sunset haze
and pick us up,
fragile and whimpering,

for the hand
that will set us down,
like glass dolls,
among rooted bluebells
and polished pewter cups.

“Funny  He don’t see us . . .  “

The shark circles,
its fins glinting with stars.



Image Credits: Dennis Jarvis

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