Where the Path Widens

I have always walked away
from the centre
from the edge
from vengeance, hatred, love
“any club that would have me as a member.”

I’m limping now
my shoes have holes
my faithful dogs long gone.

Recently I thought I heard footsteps
lighter than mine close by
and last night dreamt of a wider path
and the hint of a goal that isn’t at my back.



The Superimposition of Circles

It satisfies when circles coincide:
when the mug matches the marmalade;
the ketchup, the upside-down wine glass.
The same cannot be said of squares or triangles:
stacking place mats is a chore – no jeopardy
and toblerone is just frustration wrapped in foil.
My goldfish now live in high-rise globes
and compete for the best view.
Octagons and similar are slightly pathetic:
geometric bling to draw attention from regular emptiness;
circles altered surgically
in a failed attempt to improve the natural curve.
I prefer you without make-up, just as you are.
Palm to palm, sole to sole, have their own sensations,
but I like it best eye to eye
when circles coincide
and at the point of balance
we join the goldfish in the sky.