My Agriculture Memo Pad Cover

Has a red plow in the fields
with a grey farm house behind it

a silo beside and a number
of blue clouds etched in the sky

while in front are two bags
of Armour fertilizer that say

Make Every Acre Do Its Best
Behind the farmhouse is a row

of green trees and above it
that sky is yellow

Inside my memo pad I practiced
my numbers and wrote a letter

to my mother drew my house
the number seven the name Eddie

a turtle a penis a bagel
a man with a top hat

a bow and arrow and
a drawing of my cat Prissy

who one day would leap
into the ocean for keeps



The Secret of a Glass Wing

Wrap it snugly in cloth until needed. To use, unwrap it carefully. Position strategically. Employ judiciously. Use vigorously. When exhausted, wrap in cloth. Keep in a cool and well-tended place. When needed again, repeat. Let it love; never expect applause.