Jenn Zed and Jordan Trethewey

Jordan Trethewey/Jenn Zed Random Syncs


Fashionable Urban Vampires

The Witch of Lower Cornwall

the man from another place

Daughter, please…

The Sentinel


Jordan Trethewey/Jenn Zed: SyncWorld

The girl who draws gynoids

Z2 Awakens Aime Early

The Tannhäuser Gate

You Humans are Crazy

Fine On the Outside

Another Look at Delta

Twenty Twenty Two

C-brg Mixtape

i’ve seen things you wouldn’t believe

Ju Tsu Moons

Which Unfulfilled Promise is that

Seinerweisen- They sent me here to protect

Ars Technica

The Last of Us

Erase & Rewind


Stand Alone Complex

5 X 5

One Eighty – Tamara Ink

Leaving, once or twice ..


The Individual Eleven

The Illustrated Woman

I am the Mountain

Double X-Helix


Image Credits: Art: Jenn Zed, Poetry: Jordan Trethewey

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