Jenn Zed and Jordan Trethewey

Jordan Trethewey/Jenn Zed Random Syncs

Fashionable Urban Vampires

The Witch of Lower Cornwall

the man from another place

Daughter, please…

The Sentinel


Jordan Trethewey/Jenn Zed Speculative Series Syncs


The girl who draws gynoids

Z2 Awakens Aime Early

The Tannhäuser Gate

You Humans are Crazy

Fine On the Outside

Another Look at Delta

Twenty Twenty Two

C-brg Mixtape

i’ve seen things you wouldn’t believe

Ju Tsu Moons

Which Unfulfilled Promise is that

Seinerweisen- They sent me here to protect

Ars Technica

The Last of Us

Erase & Rewind


Stand Alone Complex

5 X 5

One Eighty – Tamara Ink

Image Credits: Art: Jenn Zed, Poetry: Jordan Trethewey

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