New Poetry Site:

So, I finally did it … published a “book” of my poetry. Please stop by and have a look, and maybe even read a poem or two. Thanks to everyone who’s been part of this epic journey.

Totally Disconnected Website

Santa Barbara Volunteers in Police


I am a proud volunteer with the local VIP group.  This organization does first rate service for the community.

Police volunteer team helping with citywide issues and community response

My First Chess Video

A Game of Chess

Against a not-particularly strong opponent, I managed to play a mistake-free game (according to computer analysis.) My first clean game. My moniker on LiChess is “Happy_Puppy.”

My Erdos Number is 3

A.P. Heat and Downloads

If you’re looking for A.P. Heat! or other advantage play information, I’ve migrated all of that to my new site, .  I look forward to seeing you there!

Things to think about when writing or reading poetry

Below are some poetry thoughts from Wayne Dodd, from a course I took from him in 1991 at Ohio University.  I posted this before on PC, but it’s been a while.  Enjoy!
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Three of Us Playing Tunes

For 3 years I played alongside two fine Irish musicians, Nick (flute) and Allison (fiddle) Buckmelter, in a weekly gig at Dargan’s in Ventura, CA.  Sadly, we never captured video during this time.  But, one day a patron recorded audio of our gig.  This video is a set of tunes from that gig.


Cardinal Open, 1988

This video is round one of the 1988 Cardinal Open Chess Tournament, which took place in Columbus Ohio, in January, 1988. I have identified a few of the titled players to the best of my memory.