Keynote Address at the Cliché Convention

I’ve got an axe to grind
with all of you.

I’ve finally
put two and two together
and come to
the inescapable conclusion
that it’s either sink or swim.

Make no mistake,
don’t get me wrong,
it’s a broken system.
But quite literally, I’ve
been turning a blind eye.
At long last I’m
calling it for what it is–
a last-ditch effort to quell
the perfect storm of hot-
button issues.

Opposites attract,
as you well know, but
I’m brave as a lion with
nerves of steel and
you’re all one hit wonders.
You all zigged when you should
have zagged.
We can no longer just
kiss and make up.
Our time is running out.

This can of worms
has raised more
questions than answers.
However, contrary to
popular belief,
I’ve got a face-saving
compromise in the works.
Necessity is the
mother of invention.
Suffice it to say I’m
cautiously optimistic
even if all that glitters
is not gold.

So cool your jets and
change your tune.
I know the truth hurts
but, warts and all,
it’s now or never for
this labour of love.

And so, in summation,
I say to you,
fix your little red wagons,
find the bird in the bush,
don’t sell yourself short
and pay the piper, but,
take it one day at a time,
you have to love yourself
more than anything.

And always always remember,
a closed mouth gathers
no feet.