Group Therapy Sessions


Margaret welcomed everybody
then closed the door.

Matthew said he did
not get a big enough
raise at the shoe factory.

Mary yelled that the
leashes kept getting tangled
when she walked her
wheaten terriers.

I confessed to cheating
at duplicate bridge with Mary
last week while playing
at the Community Center.

Mary shouted out how much
happier my mother was
before she met my father.

I pulled down my pants and
pissed on Mary’s shoe
while humming Amazing Grace.

Mr. Mills pointed at
the puddle and blurted out–
Forrest Gump Consciousness!

Margaret commended Mary
on the progress she was
making with her anger issues.

Michael opened the window
behind Matthew, then
admired his shoes.

I asked that we all hold
hands and give thanks for
snacks and drinks.


Mr. Mills missed the meeting
Mary missed Mr. Mills.
Margaret masturbated.

We all felt much better


i’ve had this unopened
bag of chips sitting on
my shelf for sixteen years

this week is the week
i’m going to do it

i am i am i am i am
going to open the bag

i am i am i am i am
how sweet the sound

i am i am

that saved

i am i am i am i am i am i am

a wretch​ like me


Mary and Mr. Mills announced
their marriage.

Michael wore shoes that
Matthew made.

Margaret said many thanks to me
for managing the meetings.

I brought chips.