The Book of Snacking

I like to snack on
almond butter and
raisin sandwiches.

There’s a good reason
for the word butter –
the fat content is listed
at 26%.

Years ago, when I was
thirty pounds heavier
and pre-diabetic
I promised my doctor
I would lose weight and
get six-pack abs.

I told her,
I’m gonna look like
Clint Eastwood!

When I go for my annual
physical I wear shorts
a t-shirt, no socks.
I get a haircut,
fast for a day,
take laxatives the
night before.

When she measures
my blood pressure
I hold my breath and

Saturday morning,
Matador Bowl.
Corner of Nordhoff and Balboa.
Mom drops me off at
9 AM and gives me 35 cents
to buy a snack.
I bowl 155. The league
gives me a patch.

143 pounds, 110/60,
that’s great! she says,
and look at those abs!

That’s enough worshiping,
I’d say.