And …


To my mother, who surrounded me with poetry and gave me my name.

To the generous poetry community at and, especially Jay, Jenn, Maria, Silent Lotus, Trish and Wren.

To Santa Barbara Poet Laureate Laure-Anne Bosselaar.  Thank you for who you are and everything you’ve done and continue to do for poetry, here in Santa Barbara and worldwide.

To Gudrun, for your eagle eyes and insightful feedback. Many of the poems in this collection are better because of you.  Also, thanks for the subtitle!

To D., for your friendship, inspiration, limericks and contributions to the reviews.  Humanity needs more of your lyrical medicine.  Thank you!

To the Santa Barbara (and surrounding area) poetry community.  What a blessing to live in a community with such extraordinary and generous talent.

To Wayne Dodd, professor of English, teacher/saint extraordinaire.

To my wife Arlene, for always enthusiastically supporting my oddball creativity, whatever direction it takes.


After the Fire previously published in the Santa Barbara anthology Psalms of Cinder & Silt, Solo Novo 7/8, 2019

At the Corner of Hollywood and Wilcox previously published on

Dead Elephant Hair previously published on

How to Win an Argument, Lesson #17, Dad previously published on

It’s All My Fault previously published on

Pandemic v. Pandemic previously published in the Covid Times

Shopping for Godot previously published in the anthology While you Wait, Gunpowder Press, 2021

The Asshole’s Final Love Song previously published on

The Book of Snacking previously published in the anthology While you Wait, Gunpowder Press, 2021

The Future of Rain previously published on

The reviews are in for my poetry (with contributions from D.) previously published on

This is how the world ends previously published on

Totally Disconnected previously published on

Trump’s Cock previous published in The Algebra of Owls

Wild Flamingos previously published on


The stairs that lead to nowhere …