i am mentally perfect now for sure

my psychiatrist he’s a smart doctor
prescribes a new  med every visit he’s
done so for the last   three years i go
fill the prescriptions    but don’t take
the meds it’s stupid to      take that
many meds they’re       in my refrigerator
vegetable bin for       safe keeping who
knows but he       says believe me
most of my        patients take five to
ten i take two        only one if you don’t
count the med        that doubles as a
sleeping pill but       is also used to
sedate suicidal       people or four if
you count the two        i keep in my desk
drawer but take pro       re nata like if
i’m performing or        meeting one of my
wife’s friends and        have to remember
her name for a       full hour or more
which was not       the plan with those
meds but is one       thing they’re good
for as i’ve found        out by years of
experimenting        with combinations like
the time i was        flying overseas and
wanted to sleep       the whole way and
can’t go pee       on planes anyway it was
a doozy of a      sleep with help from old
algebra tricks i      don’t mess around
yes sir mam my      vegetable bin is
packed with bottles      and sample packs
of meds ten or fifteen     tasty as salad
topper pepper grinder   fish food
to share with old dogs  and
cats you know the sad
story it wasn’t your
dog anyway he
said three