It’s All My Fault

The wrong side of history
belongs to people who eat candy corn
one color at a time.

Scientists say
the twelve ingredients include
sweeteners, artificial colors,
animal skin and bones
and little red insects from Asia.

Those on the wrong side of history
reject this ingredient list as
liberal socialist propaganda.

They say
Yellow on the bottom represents the
loyal working class.
Orange in the middle
are the lazy free-loaders.
White is on top because white
belongs on top.

In my younger days
I made candy corn fangs,
stuck them up my nose like boogers,
sliced them one at a time
into segregated piles,
flushed the orange middles
into the pipes and sewers of
this country’s heartland.

And today, everywhere I look,
I see the orange shit-bonded remnants
of my ignorant childhood
and realize
it’s all my fault.