Poe’s Law

I got food stamps under my dog’s name— Rosie.
Her signature was tough to read but she licked like no other.

A man with a big nose and glasses sticking out his tongue: 8^P
You left me alone at the airport with $200 and 3 shirts.

I stole cable TV and traded it with my neighbor for lemons.
They were small and moldy; I picked the best ones.

The head of a duck smoking a cigarette: o<=~
Quackola, quack-a-roo-be-doo! Let’s all swim in our shit.

The fool of clubs, the naked hangman, the rape of the virgin—
I can’t wait to use the sarcastic blinky emoji again.

That way when you think I am calling you an idiot
you will understand I am really saying how brilliant you are.