Delivering Pizza to Donald J. Trump

People ask me how I could order such great pizza.
They’re just amazed I know so much about pizza.
There’s cheese and crust and as you know,
they can put all sorts of toppings on it.
Meatballs.  Pepperoni.
I’m an expert on toppings, I know so much.
You wouldn’t believe what I come up with.
They talk about my toppings for days, months even maybe years.
You’ll have to ask them.

As for the bozos in the Democrat party,
I hear they don’t eat pizza.
They’re saying Democrats want to do away with pizza.
They want to close all the pizza shops.
Go into homes and throw out the frozen pizzas.
They’re vampire pedophiles, every one of them.
They kidnap children, turn them into sex slaves.
Grind them up and drink their blood.
Even Jared has horns, I’ve been told.
You’ll have to ask him.